Car Stunt Racing

Racing simulator with stunts on a car . The game has real physics, requiring the acquisition of certain skills. It is possible to upgrade the car, affecting its characteristics. You can choose to race day or night on a wide variety of tracks

Deadly Race

Your car failed brakes and jammed the gas pedal! The speed of the car is constantly growing. A normal ride on a busy highway turned into a real race for survival. Drive as far as possible and show your racing skills in this deadly race.

Crossbow Shooting Gallery

A game for true connoisseurs of weapons and in particular amateurs to shoot from a crossbow. In the dash, you can practice shooting in of crossbow using three main types of sights.

Pistol Shooting

Simulator of shooting a pistols Beretta M9, Luger P08, Colt 1911, Makarov. The main feature of the game that distinguish it from other similar games is a choice of aiming mode with «alignment of a front sight», as from a real weapon.

Extreme Volleyball

In this game, players will be robots. And unlike "normal volleyball" instead of the ball will be a bomb. A bomb is known to have a tendency to explode ...

Space Prospector

Is a fun game where you have to fly on a jet device, search, collect and transport gems to the base. For each gem delivered to the base you get a certain amount of points. For points earned you can fill the ship with fuel and repair it.

Throwing Knife

"Throwing Knife" is a knife throwing simulator for mobile target. In the settings you can choose different knives and targets. In addition, you can adjust the direction and speed of moving targets.

Cold Aztec

A puzzle game in which you have to correctly place the crystals on the doors in the dungeon in order to open them and access the hidden treasures of the Aztecs.

Crossbow Shooting Deluxe

"Game a simulator of shooting a arbalest at a target. Shooting is conducted at distances from 10 to 100 meters. At each distance is given 10 arrows. The goal - to pass all levels (distance) and score maximum points.

Time Bomb Simulator

Time bomb simulator - a joke app. This app will turn your smartphone into a time bomb simulator. You need to choose one of the bombs, set the time before the explosion and run mechanism.